For me, design is about and for people and the challenges they face or the experiences they have in their lives. I believe design has the ability to guide and support people through these challenges. This because designs are often around or easy to access. Rather than solving problems, I feel design should empower people to deal with these challenges themselves. For me, design has the opportunity to zoom in on details and rituals and provide alternatives next to existing methods. With this a ripple effect could be evoked that has a positive impact on other related areas. Design and technology should support this process in a subtle but convincing way. This gives design and technology the opportunity to support social transformation in order to enhance personal wellbeing.



When I am at work you might find me carefully creating prototypes, having in-depth conversations with users or brainstorming with colleagues or experts. Even though these are only a few elements that are part of the design process, these are some things that I love to do. With a bachelor degree in design (Design Academy Eindhoven) and my current experience within the Master Industrial Design (University of Technology Eindhoven) I try to combine visual communication and creating with design research and technology. This design education has trained me to work in the, often chaotic, early stages of a design process where research, exploration and ideation are translated into new concepts or design opportunities.


With my empathetic nature, my creative mindset and critical attitude I aim to contribute to social design and facilitate transformation. I am especially interested in design (research) challenges in the field of healthcare, vitality, well-being or patient experience. I feel a designer has the ability to have a unique perspective on society, he or she is both part of the society and able to look at it from a distance. As a designer I aspire to be a facilitator of a mindset, a person who supports and guides people in order to live through an internal process or to achieve personal growth. With a strong focus on the user and other stakeholders involved I create visual designs that support this process or growth. Research with and for design helps me to empathize with the user and create a stronger user-centered design. I combine this with an iterative design process and creating visual elements to contribute to wellbeing.