This project was realized during the EHL Hackathon 2017. The topic of this hackathon was designing for vitality. One of the clients, Arboned, proposed a design challenge related to stress and burn-out.


AMP is a workshop that aims to evoke a conversation around stress and burn-out on the work floor and make it less of a taboo. In the first part of the workshop participants are asked the following question: "Imagine this puppet is a new colleague, how could you make this person as stressed and burned-out as possible?" All possible methods are written down and placed around the puppet. At a certain (unexpected) moment AMP is burned-out and deflates. This visualizes that a burn-out cannot always be predicted. The second part of the workshop focuses on creating a solution and how to prevent the stress factors that were written down. Since most participants will come up with stress elements from their own experiences in the first part of the workshop, these could evoke a discussion in the second part of the workshop.


We hope that by not having to talk about one's own stress problems, but portraying these stress factors on AMP, we make it an easier subject to talk about among colleagues.



In collaboration with Anne Wil Burghoorn, Aaron Hoeksema, Christian Sivertsen, Maarten Smith and Sander van der Zwan.