Fun-er-All is a card game that allows players to arrange the funeral of famous people. This game aims to: provide information about possibilities regarding funeral arrangements, evoke conversation about death, and it encourages thinking about personal last wishes.


The game exists of five ‘person cards’, each with an elaborate description of the cause of death, meanwhile also hinting to the persons’ characteristics.

The remainder of the cards each display a certain aspect related to funerals. The cards are divided in the categories; body, cremation, urn, coffin, gravestone, transport, location and theme. Each card gives information about the option that is displayed on the card by supplying benefits and drawbacks. The players of the game are asked to arrange a funeral for one of the people on the ‘person cards’ by discussing every category of cards and picking the cards they think fits best.


Project in collaboration with Koen van Gaalen and Leontine Voerman